Be NICE by Christmas! 


?Lose the Weight and Sponsor a Kid in Christmas! ??

Do you LOVE to GIVE BACK? Me too??

?This Next DECEMBER 1st  you will  be able to CONTRIBUTE towards a gift and dinner for family of one of your favorite Non-Profit  UCP of Central Florida or St. Jude Children's Research Hospital while you are losing the EXTRA POUNDS ???

☑️Are you tired of carrying that extra 10-20 lbs or more ? ☑️But you don't know where to start? ☑️Need Discipline ?  

Be #NICEbyXmas is the SOLUTION!!?


1. WORKOUT Log in YOUR VIRTUAL GYM 10-30 min a day.

2. DRINK your Supper Food shake every day. 

3. EAT CLEAN we will help you to cook healthy delicious and easy recipes for you and your family. 

4. CONNECT in your support group for tips and support 

5. CONTRIBUTE, 0.25 for each sweaty and shake picture goes towards your favorite NON-PROFIT institution. 



2. PICK your favorite plan from your HERE

3. CONFIRM, which non-profit you will like to contribute towards.

4. Let's have FUN and MAKE A CHANGE!??

====>> AVAILABLE in USA, CANADA and UK<<====

Are you ready?


???? Help us to Spread this to others  S H A R E !              

              N   I   C    E       B   E   F   O   R  E      X  M  A  S 


What do you get? 

You get everything you need to get your best results:

1. Your first 30-day supply of Shakeology LEARN MORE HERE  —the superfood supplement shake with dense nutrition to help support weight loss, healthy energy levels, and reduced cravings‡—delivered on Home Direct.*

2.  A Shakeology Shaker Cup

3.  The Program perfect for your Lifestyle  I'll help you to pick your soulmate workout. 

4. . A Set of Portion-Control Containers to make your meal prep even easier.

Plus Super Discount shipping (and SAVE OVER $12) every month.


When it comes to having success with any program a huge part is your nutrition.  I wanted to take some time today to really walk you through the nutrition and what I am going to be eating.

There are 4 potential plans that you can fall into {Plan A, B, C or D}

First, you figure out your calorie target.

  1.  What is your current weight then multiply that by 11 and that is your calorie starting point.
  2. You take your calorie starting point and you add 400 calories because that is what you will burn with each workout and that gives you your maintenance calories.
  3. Then, take your maintenance calories and subtract 750 calories to give you a deficit and that is your calorie target.
  4. Then figure out which category you fit into based on that number!

Once you know your plan for calories you can check out how many servings of each container you get to eat per day.  Yes Core De Force uses the portion container system or it gives you the measurements for  each one as well.

I fall into the lowest bracket which is Plan A which means I get to eat:

3 servings of veggies per day

2 fruit servings per day

4 protein servings per day

2 carb servings per day

1 healthy fat serving per day

1 seeds and dressings serving per day

2 oils, nut butter servings per day

This eating plan is all about a balanced approach to nutrition with each plan working out to be about 40% carbs, 30% proteins and 30% fats.

So now it’s time to create a plan to follow:

So for a sample of a days eating:

Breakfast:  Plain Greek Yogurt with berries (1 red and 1 purple)

Mid Morning Snack:  Ezekiel Toast with 1 tsp of almond butter (1yellow and 1 spoon)

Lunch:  Steak salad with Mango Lime Dressing (2 green, 1 purple, 1 red, 1 orange, 1 blue)

Afternoon Snack:  Shakeology with 1 tsp of almond butter (1 red, 1 spoon)

Dinner:  Grilled Tilapia, steamed green beans, and a baked sweet potato (1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow)

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